June 2010

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Memorial Day at Grandma and Grandpa's

Katie, Aaron and Andy

Nicholas, Katie, Aaron and Andy

Christopher and Sarah

Leslie, Grandma, and Julie

Katie and Aaron

Andy and Nicholas

Grandpa, Eric and Bill

James and Christopher

Nicholas, Becky and Grandma

Aaron's percussion (he's in black shirt, 2nd from right)

Christopher, Nicholas, Katie and Julie

Nicholas and Katie, helping mom test sno cone machine

It works just fine!

Aaron ready to walk

Goodbye Sacajawea!


Aaron and Mr. Bruce

Mom and Dad with Aaron

Aaron, camera shy

Aaron, Bryce, Vance and TJ

Aaron and Mrs. Fournier

Christopher and Mrs. Gorchels

Christopher's last day of 2nd grade

Dad and Katie, cleaning out the garage

Taking a much needed break

Uh oh... Katie?

Christopher's 9th birthday


Christopher and Becky, age 9 and 45

Ice cream cake massacre

Nicholas and Aaron

Sarah filling water balloons for Christopher's party

Wet work!

Party time

Christopher gets hit in the eye by the tetherball

Christopher and Delaney

Water balloon fun

More water balloons

and more...

and more...

and more...

and more...

Katie gets her share

Cleaning up

Cake time

Time to sing

Happy Birthday, Christopher!

Yes, you!

Chalk time

More chalk

and more...

and more...

Time for the water balloons!

So much fun!

Piniata time

Becky's June progress (lost 90 pounds)