Discovery Bay - Zoo

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Point Defiance Zoo, clouded leopard cubs.

Aaron eyeing a tortoise.

Julie and Christopher watching the elephants.

Dad and Christopher.

Aaron feeds the goat.

Andy has a talk with Christopher about goats.

Christopher needs a drink.

Cool fish.

Andy, Julie, Aaron, Sarah, Christopher, James, and Bill.

Aaron eyes a shark!

More sharks and misc. big fish.

Kids and mom in the aquarium.

Let's go see more fish!

Sarah loves the sea horses.

Aaron, Julie, Sarah, and James in a sharks mouth.

Polar bear looking for his friend.

Beluga whales!

Beluga whale, coming to say hi.

It's so close!

Mom, look!

It's big!

I want to pet it.

Aaron is thrilled with the whales.

Aaron wants to stay here all day.

So do James and Sarah.

We finally move on to a big walrus.

But wait! The belugas from above!

More whales! Hooray!

Pick me up so I can see.

Becky loved the whales.

Playful whales.

More play.

Still more play.

Aaron LOVES the whales.

Everyone is getting tired.

Zoo sandbox play, on the way out.

More sandbox play.

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