Discovery Bay - Olympic

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Deer on Hurricane Ridge.

Blacktailed Deer.

Lookout from the top of Hurricane Ridge.

5200 feet above sea level, it's cold!

The family, shivering.

Sarah looking doooowwwnnn.

Striped squirrel on a log.

Cloudy view.


We found a GREAT playground.

Even Andy played.

Christopher is getting tired.

Dad and Christopher ready to go.

Sarah and Aaron on a BIG stump.

James joins them.

Mom reassures Aaron.

We're up high.

Marymere Falls.

Sarah and Christopher.

It was quite a hike to get here.

James is almost to the Falls.

Julie, James, Sarah and Andy at Marymere Falls.

Mom and kids, winded from the hike.

Bill, Becky, and kids.

Aaron and Sarah at a lower part of the Falls.

Big tree bridge on the hike back.

A big tree.

Wide enough for 6 kids!

That was FUN!

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